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For the real estate industry, there are various business insurance policies that are specifically tailored to the needs of the industry.

One of the most important coverages is public liability insurance to protect against claims for damages that may arise due to personal injury, property damage or financial loss. For example, a claim may arise if a tenant falls and is injured in one of your buildings. Also, if you as a landlord are responsible for damage to the rented property, public liability insurance can help you mitigate the financial consequences.

Another important insurance policy for companies in the real estate industry is buildings insurance. This is a property insurance policy that covers damage to buildings. This includes, for example, damage caused by fire, tap water or storms. Since buildings in the real estate industry often have a high value, building insurance is indispensable to protect against possible damage.

Contents insurance can also be of great importance for companies in the real estate industry. This protects the contents of buildings and thus also your business equipment against damage caused by fire, tap water or burglary. If, for example, your business premises are broken into, you can fall back on contents insurance to mitigate the financial damage.

The pecuniary loss liability insurance protects against pecuniary losses that may arise due to errors in advice or mediation. For example, a financial loss can occur if a customer suffers a financial loss due to incorrect advice.

In addition to those mentioned, there are other insurance policies tailored specifically to the real estate industry, such as loss of rent insurance or water damage liability insurance.

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