Protection for professional sports, clubs and player consultants

As an insurance broker for sports insurance, it is our passion to support athletes, clubs or player consultants in pursuing their sporting ambitions without financial concerns. With an understanding of the requirements of the sports sector, we are at your side and offer tailor-made insurance solutions.

Talents & Professional Sports

Whether in training or during leisure time, accidents and illnesses lurk everywhere. Unlike in the statutory...

Associations and clubs

In today's dynamic and demanding sporting environment, the right insurance cover is essential for...

Player Advisor

Insurance cover for player consultants plays a central role in the world of professional sport. In view of the...

and trust

As an owner-managed family business, family values such as reliability and trust shape our thoughts, actions and activities at all times.

The respectful and trusting interaction with our employees, customers and partners, regionally, nationally, as well as worldwide, at eye level is our claim.

Protecting values of all kinds is our mission as an international insurance broker. We have been making and keeping these promises every day for more than 150 years and with now 450 family members. 


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