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Car fleet insurance

Our services:

  • Liability insurance for damage caused by the operation of company vehicles
  • Comprehensive insurance for damage to your own vehicle, for example due to accidents or theft
  • Passenger insurance in case of personal injury in the vehicle
  • Protective cover services such as roadside assistance and towing service
  • optional: extension of the insurance to rental cars or rental vehicles

Car fleet insurance

Motor fleet insurance is suitable for companies that own and operate a large number of company vehicles.

The insurance provides protection against financial risks that may arise from the use of company vehicles. This includes, among other things, damage that may result from accidents, theft or vandalism, as well as personal injury that may occur in the event of an accident in the vehicle.

By taking out motor fleet insurance, companies can protect themselves from high costs and preserve their liquidity.

Typical examples of damage

  • Your vehicle is damaged in an accident or causes an accident.
  • Your vehicle is stolen or damaged during an attempted theft.
  • Unknown people willfully damage your vehicle.
  • The vehicle is damaged by hail or other weather conditions.
  • The vehicle is damaged or destroyed by fire or explosion.
  • You collide with a wild animal, resulting in damage to the vehicle.
  • The windshield, side windows or rear window of your vehicle are damaged by stone chips, for example.
  • A marten bites through the cables of your vehicle .
  • Your parked vehicle is damaged by another vehicle.

Anyone who owns and operates a large number of company vehicles insures them as a fleet. Customers include freight forwarders, logistics companies, cab companies and craft businesses. Companies with a field service that regularly provide their employees with company vehicles also benefit from fleet insurance.

Fleet insurance is tailored to individual needs. Factors such as the type of vehicles, frequency and type of use, and driver qualifications can all play a role.

Fleet insurance can also be used to optimize operational processes. Insurance rates can be adjusted if companies predominantly cover shorter distances and / or drivers regularly attend training courses. Structured monitoring of the vehicle fleet and analysis of accident statistics are often used to analyze and minimize any risks associated with vehicle use in the long term.

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