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One of the key challenges in this industry is liability for damage that may be caused by the machines produced. Product liability insurance is therefore indispensable. It covers damage that may be caused by faulty or defective products. Both damage to property and damage to persons can be insured.

In addition, mechanical engineering is associated with risks arising from production processes. These include fire or machine damage, which can be caused by malfunctions or technical defects. Business interruption insurance covers lost profits and running costs.

An often underestimated risk in mechanical engineering are the risks associated with transportation. Goods must be insured against damage due to accidents or theft during transport by land, sea or air.

There are numerous other insurances that make sense, depending on the individual risk situation, such as electronics insurance or motor fleet insurance.

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Every industry has its peculiarities and its individual and special risks.

As an experienced and internationally active industrial insurance broker, we have been a partner of numerous companies nationally and internationally and in various industries for many years. 

Over this time, we have been able to build up teams of experts for numerous sectors and develop special coverage concepts.

Internationally, we have a strong and proven network of partner brokers who share their knowledge of markets and industries with us. They support and complement us in managing your risks.

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