Transport of goods

Our services:

  • Insurance cover for the transport of goods
  • Compensation for loss, damage or theft of goods
  • Coverage of damage due to accidents or technical defects during transport
  • Reimbursement of costs for salvage, storage and onward transport of damaged goods
  • Protection against third-party liability claims

Transport of goods

Goods in transit insurance protects your company against the financial consequences of damage, loss or theft of goods during transport. This includes, among other things, costs for the replacement of goods, repair costs or compensation payments to customers that may arise due to transport damage.

It applies to the transport of goods within Germany and abroad. The insurance can be taken out by shippers as well as forwarders or transport companies. As a rule, the sum insured is limited to the value of the goods.

There are different types of cargo insurance that can be chosen depending on the needs and requirements of the company:

  • All-Risk Insurance: This insurance offers the most comprehensive protection and covers all risks during transportation, unless they are specifically excluded.
  • Named-perils insurance: Here, only the risks explicitly named in the policy are covered. This insurance is usually less expensive than all-risk insurance.
  • Coverage for specific means of transport: Companies can also take out special insurance for transport by truck, train, plane or ship.
  • Additional protection: Companies can agree additional protection against certain risks, such as loss of cargo or delays in the transport process.

Typical examples of damage

  • Damage to or loss of goods due to accidents or technical defects during transport
  • Theft of goods during transportation
  • Loss of goods due to natural disasters such as storms or floods
  • Damage to goods due to incorrect or improper packaging

Goods in transit insurance is recommended for companies that regularly transport or ship goods. It does not matter whether they are manufacturing companies or traders. Especially for companies that transport high-value or sensitive goods, goods in transit insurance is of great importance.

Industries that typically purchase cargo insurance include:

  • Logistics company
  • Freight forwarding company
  • Trading company
  • Industrial goods manufacturer
  • Food producers
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturer

Goods transport insurance offers companies the security of not being stuck with the costs in the event of transport damage. It is therefore worthwhile for companies to find out about a suitable insurance solution and take it out if necessary.

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